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The teachings of the UFM are based on the first and only rational explanation of the origin of the Being, existence and consciousness from the most absolute nothingness at each instant (and not in time as is generally believed).

This makes it possible to develop a perfectly logical, unitary and global comprehension of all aspects of life (a single cause, a single aim that animates us all) in the physical and astrophysical realms as much as in the psychological and spiritual realms, in contrast to the specialised and materialistic sciences that need multiple and sometimes contradictory theories and several types of (unexplained) energy to account for phenomena in all their diversity.

A world exclusive recognised by many as being 30 years ahead of quantum theories and attempts at theories of Everything.
A scientific and psycho-spiritual training programme that is unique in terms of the realizations and transformations it brings about, and the technological breakthroughs that will follow, accessible to all, and without mathematics.
12 teaching modules
with the possibility of becoming certified so that you can use these lessons in your professional practice

Where does my consciousness come from and how is my universe created at every moment?

Through UFM teaching, you will find concrete answers. The UFM training is based on Hyper-rationality and is therefore not based on any hypothesis, mysticism or reference to unfounded religious or scientific beliefs.

We shouldn't be surprised: the present era demands and allows it. A thousand years of research in the West (starting with Alchemy) and three hundred years of materialistic science demonstrating its limits every day and its errors have led to a radical change in epistemological approach: it is the so-called "quantum" "act of observation" at each moment that needs to be elucidated, rather than relying on the uncertain observable by looking for the "origins" in time, which is a dead end. Seventy years of research into this new approach were enough to achieve the following results in two stages: 1955 with the genesis of the atom from magnetic energy alone, and 1985 with the genesis of this magnetic energy and consciousness from nothingness.

The subjects covered and resolved exclusively worldwide are: 

  • The original causes of the existence of universes instead of nothing, of consciousness, of space, of time, of a single energy, of the mind, the veritable "theory of Everything";
  • The illusion of reality: how to comprehend and manage it;
  • An irrevocable comprehension that chance does not exist;
  • « Proto-Physique » : naissance de l’atome à partir de l’énergie unique (magnétique et donc spirituelle, ce qui se démontre), et du cosmos (systèmes planétaires, galaxies etc.), questioning the "Big Bang", "black holes", antimatter, "dark matter", etc. on the basis of much simpler and more easily comprehensible principles;
  • Origin of the laws and "constants" of physics and biology ("Ortho-physics"), "gravitation", life, death and the invisible worlds;
  • Comprehend that everything is governed by an inescapable AIM that is totally rational, and that this AIM is the cause of all energy and all existence. Each of us is a custodian of a part of this great universal Aim, and the tools to discover it personally are also available to us;
  • Psychological consequences (self-knowledge, acceptance of the past, creative responsibility, managing emotions and memories, etc.), Ontology, Holistic Psychology;
  • Sociological consequences (Ecosophy, 5thDimension);
  • Synthesis of comparative symbolisms and esoterisms, genesis of numbers;
  • Theory and practice of Vibratory Numerology;
  • Theory and practice of Vibratory Radiesthesia (Dowsing) ;
  • Theory and practice of brief therapies, with all forms of therapy largely renewed and made more effective from the foundations of a profound knowledge of what the mind is and where it comes from.

Nos étudiant.e.s témoignent en vidéo...

Valérie EHRHART, étudiante en Moselle (57)
"Ça a complètement transformé ma vision de la vie : Elle est plus légère, plus fluide et a encore plus de sens. C’est un profond travail cellulaire qui se fait. J’ai beaucoup plus de tolérance vis-à-vis de moi et des autres."
Eva BOUDIER, étudiante en Haute-Garonne (31)
“Je n’avais pas confiance en moi, j’étais très parasitée par mon mental, et aujourd’hui j’ai une soif de vivre, de partager. J’ai un amour qui est là en moi, qui est parfois débordant.”

Laurent LADAME, étudiant en Moselle (57)
"C'est une compréhension profonde et globale de qui on est, qui nous guérit tout en douceur. Je n’ai rien connu dans ma vie d’aussi puissant. Ça m’a pacifié vis-à-vis de l’humain et de l’humanité. Ma vie a été radicalement transformée."
Chantal FERRAND, étudiante en Indre-et-Loire (37)
"Un accueil inconditionnel, une pédagogie vivante, un enseignement amical, fraternel, plein d’amour et d’humour. Comment cela a changé ma vie ? C’est le jour et la nuit."


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